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 The development of globalization has created a different world and there's no turning back. From this place, we believe we can provide solutions for our region from a strategic, tactical and operational point of view   in which concerns to International Business Development.
 The ultimate goal is to provide value to the sustainable and balanced growth of our industries, promoting trade with the rest of the world, generating the growth of our business.
 We are a professional organization specialized in providing solutions for Foreign Trade, Development and Promotion of International Business.
Accordingly to that we work on the various disciplines involved in foreign trade, such as transport, Customs Law, logistics and for which we have important specialists who collaborate on a multidisciplinary way for conflicts resolution, raising Businesses or studying a different outlook for a business or product in world market.

As for any professional development, the main reference is based on the ability of our Human Resources, a sophisticated Platform of  E-LEarning to meet the demand for our courses;in addition to a large network of alliances, which allows the entry of our partners to the world of Foreign Trade, build up in more than twenty years of Business and ProfessionalDevelopment. Also our partners have substantial resources based on our alliances, training in the use of various technologies and the development and interpretation of Business Intelligence .

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